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accidental voice post | lock failed

Ptolemaios bridge, Feldt Grace reporting in. Setsuna and I will be returning tomorrow night instead of tonight. The shuttle with the Double O is well hidden. No new problems to report on the surface.
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We could have gone back tonight.

[He's stating the obvious, honestly. He tends to do that a lot. But they did finish all of the things that they needed to do right now. But her trips to the surface were more infrequent than his, he couldn't blame her for wanting to stay for a while.

Still leaning against the window, his eyes glance around his previously barren safehouse. Not that it was much of a house. It was a handful of empty rooms, up until a few days ago. Outside of a mattress on the floor, a few clothes in the closet, and some canned goods and bottled water in the kitchen, there'd be no evidence that anyone ever lived there going on six years now. At least until she insisted on buying a few things.

Well, insist might be too strong a word. Its more like she purchased a few items, and he hasn't thrown them out. But that's how their marriage worked.]

Are you ready to go?

[There was a whole big city to see.]
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[He smiles in return... well, about as much as he ever smiles. Its just a small quirk of his lips, barely even noticeable, but its there, its genuine, and its not a look he'd give anyone else. Or in front of anyone else, but--]

Roger that.

[ step at a time.

Still, as he heads towards the door, he reaches out towards her to take her hand. So there's been some progress in making him slightly more human.]
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[Its slow progress, but he's moving forward bit by bit nonetheless. He can let his guard down with her, even if he'd never consider it with anyone else. Still, as they may they way out of the apartment and into the streets, they must make quite the couple. A sweet, kind girl with a guy who looks rather serious all the time. Not that he seems to care, he's as unbothered as always as they walk hand-in-hand through the crowded streets of Tokyo, heading towards... wherever she wants to go.]
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... ah.


Um, Feldt? Just a quick heads-up, I think you've suffered a spot of security failure.
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[ locked ]

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What, not at all? Must be a community problem, then... well, hopefully no one'll question it and you can pass it off as transporting an engineering project or something. It'd only be half a lie. Well. Maybe a little more than half.

If I may ask, by the way, why the delay?
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[ An accidental post? With a failed lock? About shuttles?

Yuri's interest is piqued and she doesn't care if she wasn't supposed to see this! ]

Are you a space explorer?
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University internship? What kind of internship has to do with hidden shuttles?