Jun. 28th, 2012

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[It was just supposed to be some routine checks on the Gundams. Help with some of the maintenance. But for some reason she's hopped into the 00 Gundam's cockpit. It can't be seen, but she's got the computer that's recording her hooked up to the Gundam and is reworking the controls. To top it off, she's got a smirk on her face.

Why? Because something got it into her head that she could be a better Gundam Meister than Setsuna. After all, both of her parents were Gundam Meisters. She's been around them her whole life. She knows how they operate. And for once in her life, she actually feels the need to go out there and actually get her hands dirty.

She mutters under her breath about some things being disabled, some things being enabled, various systems reconnecting... and then she notices the recording light. In a split-second, the smirk vanishes and she leans forward to examine the screen. After a few minutes of her eyes darting this way and that over whatever she might be reading, they widen in surprise.

Why would I do that...?

[It hits her that she still hasn't stopped the recording.]

Um... excuse me. [And off the video goes.]


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